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Saturday Night Retro

EXACTLY 9 YEARS AGO TODAY on the 27TH of March of 2001 I sent an E-Mail to my travel agent at the time. She worked on Marco Island, and I was inquiring about the area. Here’s an actual paragraph from that original E-Mail:

I am in the process of planning a two-day vacation for myself over in Naples for the final weekend of April, and I pretty much know what I am going to see and do while over there, but I also want to spend some time (maybe three or four hours at the most) in Marco Island on the day that I drive back from Naples to the Miami area.

It seems that the more things change – the more things stay the same. Back then I was planning a two-day / two-night visit over in the Naples area – my first visit over there in about a decade (since before Hurricane Andrew).

TODAY – 9 YEARS LATER – I drove right by the hotel that I stayed at back then – and I drove right by Marco Island as well. I did visit Everglades City again on this visit – my 2ND visit to the area in about 5½-months. I’ll be visiting the area again later on this year, and perhaps I’ll even make a pit stop on Marco Island.

BACK TO 9 YEARS AGO during the Spring of 2001 when a younger Y-100-listening Chris M. Day was driving around in his brand new gold 2001 Saturn SC2 with this jam cranked-up as loud as can be on the FM stereo:

This concludes another week of blogging for me. I’ll return LIVE on Tuesday night with my weekly ‘Grab Bag O’ Thoughts’ and a totally complete synopsis of my short stay over in the Naples area. Until then my friends have yourself a wonderful weekend, and be sure to follow me on Twitter. See you there.

By Chris M. Day

I'm 55 years old. I've been online for the past 29 years - starting with my own dial-up bulletin board system in 1993 - and continuing with AOL, my own web site, Myspace, Wordpress, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook.

2 replies on “Saturday Night Retro”

Hi Chris!
Just wanted to say *Hi*, love and miss you my friend, and all at Life-Pointe. I am now an usher and greeter at Lake Placid Church of God, my church here. I read some of your blogs, love to read about your adventures. If ever on US27 in Lake Placid, call me and we’ll meet for lunch or dinner. Would love to see you. Take care my dear friend and stay strong in our Lord and Savior!

Hi Nancy !
Linda M. and I talk about you virtually every Sunday morning. We (and others) miss you dearly – especially your contagious laugh. I’ll have to include Lake Placid (and other points of interest along U.S. 27) on a future road trip adventure. I’ll come within 40 miles of your town on my next road trip in about 3 weeks when I reach Okeechobee at the northern tip of the Big Lake. Happy Easter Sunday !

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