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Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– It’s 9:54 PM EDT here on the U.S. East Coast as I begin compiling this.
– This easily makes it the latest edition EVER of the ‘Mini Thoughts’.
– I wanted to try something a little bit different this week.
– I wanted to compile this from a different time perspective.
– 10 PM at night is much different than 4 PM in the afternoon.
– My work day is done at 4 PM, but I’m just getting started at home.
– My entire day is virtually done at 10 PM, so I can look back at it.
– God performed yet more miracles for me at work.
– Some of them I noticed right away, and some of them were ‘God-Winks’.
– God keeps everything exciting for me in this 44TH month of my journey.
– It’s a fantastic journey that’s a winding road with dangerous curves.
– I try not to get too close to the edges.
– The enemy is anxiously waiting all along both sides of the journey.
– Today was an abnormally busy day at work in a strange way.
– It was weird how the events played out, but I was a player.
– After work I ventured over to Publix – where shopping is a pleasure.
– It’s my favourite store in the entire world.
– That’s because eating food is one of my favourite hobbies.
– If this U.S. Government thing doesn’t work out for me then I’m goin’ to Publix.
– The’re always hiring.
– I’ve heard that their work benefits are some of the best in the industry.
– I finally got home shortly before 5 PM EDT.
– That gave me about two hours to chill before heading over to Life Group.
– I was at Life Group for nearly 2½-hours.
– The time flew by as we studied His Good News – His Truth.
– So as you can see it’s been a rather hectic Thursday out and about.
– This is a Life that’s far different (and radical) than it was before Christ.
– Before I was rescued and saved 43 months ago I lived a different life.
– I really believe that if I had continued on with that life I wouldn’t be here now.
– God saved my life.
– Actually I died from my first life and He granted me a new Life.
– God took the dead man out of me.
– As Good Friday approaches in less than an hour I honour Him.
– I honour Jesus Christ for giving it all up so that I could live.
– I honour Him for dying on that bloody hunk of wood.
– I owe Him the rest of my Life for what He did for me.
– Tomorrow night I’m hangin’ out with my brothers and sisters.
– We’re having a special Good Friday service down in The Keys.
– I’m looking forward to celebrating Life with my church family.
– As a result I’m taking the night off from blogging.
– I’ll be back on here on Saturday night with your ‘Retro’ for the week.
– In the meantime be sure to follow me on Twitter.
– You won’t regret it pal.

By Chris M. Day

I'm 55 years old. I've been online for the past 29 years - starting with my own dial-up bulletin board system in 1993 - and continuing with AOL, my own web site, Myspace, Wordpress, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook.