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The Major’s Weekend Blast-Off

It was a warm and muggy and wet week here in this subtropical paradise that I call Home(stead). But now we’re on the other side of several strong cold fronts that have swept through the region (destroying Hurricane Paula), and Autumn is here for the weekend. Tomorrow (Saturday) morning should be our coolest morning since April with minimum temperatures bottoming out in the mid-60s with wind chills dipping down into the upper-50s !  I’m planning another refreshing 2-mile walk at dawn in that comfy chill !  It should be a rather nice and seasonal next 7 to 10 days with little to no rain and an abundance of gorgeous wall-to-wall sunshine. THAT’S why I live aqui en el Sur de Florida !

It’s the 15TH edition of ‘The Major’s Weekend Blast-Off’ as well as this ‘Best Lunch Of The Week Award’, so let’s recap the previous 14 award winners:
June – Red Lobster
July – Longhorn Steakhouse, Longhorn, Chili’s, Longhorn
August – Longhorn Steakhouse, Longhorn, Shiver’s BBQ, P.F. Chang’s
September – Chili’s, Longhorn Steakhouse, White Lion Cafe
October – Shiver’s BBQ, Chili’s
This week’s award winner is a new one – Broadway Subs. They’ve got two locations conveniently located to serve you with delicious subs and sandwiches (hot and cold). They are still on Campbell Drive (between Lowe’s and Chili’s), and now they have a new location on U.S. 1 just south of SW 288TH Street. They make an awesome hot Cuban sub, but my fave is their hot BBQ pork sub (12-inch of course). I get it with melted swiss cheese and their special BBQ sauce drizzled all over. It’s messy. It’s sloppy. It’s scrumptious. It’s what’s for Lunch.

@majorhitwaves I’ve met that guy…right after I met, “I can’t decide how fast I want to go man.” They’re an interesting couple.
Tonight on the ‘U.S. 1 Stretch’ (Key Largo – FL City) I was trapped behind ‘Can’t Go More Than 15 Seconds Without Tapping His Brake Man’. 😦

It’s time for the ‘Feline Night Smackdown’. Let’s get ready to rumble !

TOMORROW on my ‘Saturday Night Retro’ I’m gonna take a “Magic Carpet Ride” back 11 years to 1999 and the end of the 20TH Century. Then on Sunday it’s another edition of ‘The Major’s Walk-A-Thon’. It’s blogging all weekend long and tweets in-between. Have yourself a safe, peaceful, and relaxing weekend my friends. Make it memorable. Make it a new ‘Retro’ for the future.

By Chris M. Day

I'm almost 56 years old. I've been online for 30 years - starting with my own dial-up bulletin board system in 1993 - and continuing with AOL, my own web site, Myspace, WordPress, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook.