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The Major’s Top 5 Hits RETRO – 2008

  1. Friend Like That – Hawk Nelson
  2. Southern Weather – The Almost
  3. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead – The Wedding
  4. Medicine – The Fold
  5. Casting Off – This Beautiful Republic

These were my Top 5 hits exactly 10 years ago this weekend – Sunday March 02ND 2008.

I loved The Wedding as a baby Christian a decade ago. Their hits “Morning Air” (# 2 in 2007), “Say Your Prayers” (# 2 in 2007), “Staring At The Light” (# 1 in 2007), “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” (# 3 in 2008), “Receive” (# 20 in 2008), and “Return” (#3 in 2009) rocked my face off back then with their fusion of pop, punk, and rock celebrating God’s Glory.

Next Friday night I’ll take RETRO back another 10 years to March of 1998 – back when I had no clue about God.

I’m preaching a full sermon to my church family this Sunday. I’ve got the sermon written. I just need to spend tonight and much of tomorrow editing, enhancing, and rehearsing it. I’ll share some of it with you this Sunday here on my blog.

To all of my new readers and followers worldwide I thank you so much for spending some of your time reading about my fantastic journey. My life changed forever during the 3RD week of August of 2006, and I wish to testify and preach about it for the rest of my days here on Earth.

By Chris M. Day

I'm almost 56 years old. I've been online for 30 years - starting with my own dial-up bulletin board system in 1993 - and continuing with AOL, my own web site, Myspace, WordPress, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook.