The Major’s Top 5 Movies – 2018

That was quick. A new weekend of blogging begins … NOW. It’s the first weekend of 2019, so let’s look back at last year – 2018 – and the year at the box office.

I saw 23 movies at 10 different theatres in 2 states in 2018. That’s the least number of movies seen in a single calendar year since 2010, and it ended my 6-year streak of over 30 movies seen per year. I actually finished the year strong – with 6 movies seen during a 7-week period in November and December.

I rated 12 out of 23 movies as “4 stars”. I’ve eliminated 7 of them. That part was fairly easy. That leaves me with my Top 5. Ranking them from # 1 to # 5 took some thought, but here it goes:

1.  “I Can Only Imagine
2.  “Green Book
3.  “Searching
4.  “Beautiful Boy
5.  “The Greatest Showman

Overall it was a rather weak year for movies at the box office (for me anyway). That’s why it was my worst year since 2010. On the other hand it was the biggest year in box office history with nearly $12 billion in box office receipts here in North America. I don’t do action, adventure, or superhero movies. I used to do horror movies, but that fad has passed. I’m more into comedies, dramas, and dramedies nowadays.

I’m hoping for a better year in new movies in 2019. A couple of movies that interest me for next weekend are “A Dog’s Way Home” and “The Upside“.

It’s back to music tomorrow night when I go #Retro back to January of 1999.

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