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Winter Jam 2019


I’m headed to Tampa Florida (5 hours north of my home) for the first time in a little over 12 years. I’ll be over there for just a couple of days, and the main event of this short visit will be this 5+ hour experience at the Amalie Arena with thousands of my brothers and sisters in Christ, as we praise and worship Him led by about a dozen artists. There will be singing, dancing, hand-clapping, and arm-raising as the Holy Spirit inundates the arena.

I’ll review the big show later this weekend on “Sunday Scripture”, but first it’s my normal Friday night blog post tomorrow night. I’m going #Retro back to Sunday January 15TH 1989. It’s the weekend that I began doing something for the first time ever here in South Florida – and I’ve been doing it almost every day since that weekend exactly 30 years ago. Find out what it is on my next blog post.


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