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The Major’s Top 5 Hits RETRO – 1989

Every Friday night I post the Top 5 of one of my classic hit music charts based on personal preference and influenced by radio airplay from either 10, 20, or 30 years ago (rotating each week). Here it is – for the week ending Sunday January 15TH 1989:

  1. “She Wants To Dance With Me” – Rick Astley
  2. “Smooth Criminal” – Michael Jackson
  3. “Love Bites” – Def Leppard
  4. “The Promise” – When In Rome
  5. “Waiting For A Star To Fall” – Boy Meets Girl

30 years ago this weekend Rick Astley scored his 4TH # 1 smash on my chart, Michael Jackson scored his 2ND # 2 smash on my chart, and Def Leppard reached # 3 with “Love Bites” in its 22ND week on my chart.

I was listening to all 3 of those big hits on South Florida’s heritage Top 40 station Y-100 – in a new car !  That’s the answer to my teaser from yesterday’s blog post. After a little over 13 months of essentially riding a 10-speed bike all around Homestead AFB I decided to buy my first brand new car of my life. I bought a shiny red 1989 Geo Spectrum. I was free at last – free to flee the base and drive the mean streets of South Florida for the first time ever. So I’ve now been driving for the past 30 years, I’m on my 6TH new car, and I’m approaching 330,000 miles driven – an average of just shy of 11,000 miles per year.

I’m 51½ now, so I bought my first new car at 21½. YES – I drove as a teenager too. I used my newspaper carrier money to buy a used (no frills) 1980 Chevy Citation in 1983. I got to drive around in that for a couple of years through my first 5 months in the Air Force. In November of 1985 I was sent to the United Kingdom, and I sold my car. I never drove in the U.K., but one of my friends did. I wouldn’t drive again until 30 years ago this weekend.

It’s halftime my friends. I’ll be back on Sunday with an all-new blog post. Enjoy your Saturday.

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