Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

1.  I do my best thinking and dreaming while in the shower, and while driving to work in the dark in the morning. I wish I remembered more of my thoughts, hopes, and dreams from the morning later on in the day when it’s more opportunistic for me to seize more moments.

2.  When me, my Mom, and my Dad first moved in to our new house in Lanham Maryland in February of 1975 the very first beverage that I drank in that new house was a can of Dr. Pepper. I don’t think that I’ve had a Dr. Pepper since then.

3.  My favourite person in the entire world is my brother. I’ve known him since November of 1980 even though he was born 5½ years earlier. I say that because before November of 1980 I wasn’t allowed within a 50-foot radius of him.

4.  I promised to make Ela the subject of the 4TH ‘Grab Bag O’ Thought’. (I just got off of the telephone with her.) A Tuesday afternoon is simply not complete until she has called me to inform me of the obvious – that I’ll be serving The Lord at Life Pointe Church on Sunday morning. Ela is one of God’s great gifts in my new Life.

5.  A nice way to wish me a very Merry Christmas during this festive holiday season is to feed me food.

6.  I’m about a day away from reestablishing contact with a former co-worker, friend, and practical mentor of mine from 20 years ago when I first started working at the air base in Homestead. It seems that he’s a good friend with a current co-worker of mine. We discovered that we have a mutual friend just this afternoon. It’s a small world after all !

7.  My electronic thermostat is set at 74°F 7 nights a week from 7 PM until 6 AM the next morning. I like it like that.

8.  From 1975 to 1980 I was a Cub Scout, a WEBELOS Scout, and a Boy Scout. Fellow WordPress Blogger Stephen Hollifield is bringing back memories of those memorable scouting years with all of his recent blog entries of late regarding hiking up in the mountains with a 20-pound backpack. I think I can. I think I can !

9.  It’s ironic, but one of my favourite Christmas songs on the radio is actually a really sad one – “I Hate Christmas Parties” by Matthew Thiessen & The Earthquakes (a side-band of Relient K). You can see the music video here. Everytime I hear it it invokes memories of Christmas past for me. It gives me the chills. It brings tears to my eyes. I can relate.

10.  A & W Root Beer‘s got that frosty mug taste ! 


Telemarketer Of The Day Hit List

240-294-1590 – NOVO 1 – MARYLAND

I’m not alone. Check out this long list of complaints regarding calls from this specific telephone number.


My Chevron: New-And-Improved For 2008

This is the 3RD consecutive blog entry today regarding the gridlock that I endured during my Lunch hour, but in this story there is a happy ending.

Since I couldn’t get to Racetrac to fill up with gas (because that portion of Campbell Drive was completely shut-down due to the natural gas leak) I had to go down to Chevron at the corner of Campbell Drive and Useless-One. That particular gas station was my longtime exclusive place to get gas for well over a decade, but then I stopped going there on a regular basis because it started to get frequented by homeless people laying down alongside the building early in the morning and various incidents of near criminal activity. (I nearly got mugged there one time.) If those things weren’t bad enough the gas pumps were literally crumbling before my very eyes. I was scared to pump gas there for fear of either getting robbed or having the gas pump I was using disintegrate or even worse – catch on fire and explode.

TODAY was a different situation. That Chevron gas station has recently been renewed and rejuvenated with all-new state-of-the-art gas pumps. It was a total pleasure to fill-up my Saturn with 10.730 gallons of regular gasoline at $3.099 per gallon for a total cost of $33.25. I’ll be back for more in about 15 days. Just keep it safe for me to do so.


The Fortune Cookie Message Of The Week Club

TODAY I picked-up Lunch at the new China Yan take-out restaurant in Homestead’s Oasis Plaza – the same one that Casavana Cuban Cuisine is located in. (I adore mentioning Casavana in my blogs as often as possible because it brings in the heavy traffic. There goes another 50 hits !)

I got the Beef & Broccoli with the Won Ton Soup. The meal was made for one with a hearty appetite (that’s me), and it was quite good. Despite the nearly 45 minutes from the time that I picked it up to the time that I arrived back at my desk at work (because of the MASSIVE gridlock that I ranted about in my previous blog entry) the food and the soup was still piping HOT !

The only negative regarding this meal was the lack of a fortune cookie !  (I didn’t notice that until I got back to my desk.)

Since I received no fortune cookie, and bonafide club members worldwide are getting restless I have pulled a fortune cookie message from

‘A smile is your personal welcome mat.’  🙂

How true !