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The Road Rage Files – Chapter 17

If you tried to drive anywhere within the cities of Homestead and Florida City this morning right around Lunch time then I’m guessing that you were stuck in the same ridiculous situation as me.

A construction crew accidentally cut a natural gas line located under Campbell Drive near the overpass of Florida’s Turnpike this morning, and that caused authorities to completely shut-down the southern 5 miles of the Turnpike from Biscayne Drive down to the terminus at Useless-One in Florida City as a precautionary measure.

That caused MASSIVE gridlock like I’ve never seen before in my life on Biscayne Drive (SW 288TH Street), Avocado Drive (SW 296TH Street), Kings Highway (SW 304TH Street), Campbell Drive (SW 312TH Street), Farm Life School Road (SW 162ND Avenue), and Useless-One (U.S. 1) which truly lived up to its name as it was pretty much a 10 to 15 MPH logjam of continuous vehicles northbound and southbound from Florida City to Homestead to Leisure City to Naranja Lakes and beyond.

Florida’s Turnpike eventually re-opened early this afternoon, but the damage was already done. At least all of the tourists got to take a nice slow look around our area while crawling along on Useless-One. Stop by for a longer visit next time around. Spend some money in our fine stores. Eat at our wonderful restaurants. It’s good for our economy !


Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad

1.  You’ve got to arrive mighty early at the movie theatre on Sunday mornings to get there before Anne. She already had half of her car unloaded into the main lobby before I arrived there just a couple of minutes after 7:30 AM.

2.  The new layout and configuration of the Information Booth, Information Table, and Sales Table ‘on the right’, and Kids Life Registration Table ‘on the left’ worked out brilliantly and got rave reviews on the right, on the left, and in the middle. It really opened up the entrance leading to the Pier Hallway. The bottleneck congestion is no longer an issue.

3.  I’m not naming names, but if anyone was hiding behind Curtain # 1 ‘on the right’ then they were probably eating Dunkin Donuts, cherry turnovers, and bagels with cream cheese. Anne needs to acquire a registered copyright trademark for her out-of-this-world guava paste cream cheese. J.T. is still thinking of a good name for it.

4.  Pastor Travis talked all about ‘Vision For The People Of God’. You’ve got to see well beyond how things are to how they can, should, and need to be. If it’s not right then let’s make it right. Where do we get this vision from ?  There’s only one legitimate answer to that my friend. The Lord Almighty Above provides us with the vision, and He expects us to use the tools and talents that He gave us to get there.

5.  TODAY is my 47TH Sunday as a regular attender of Life Pointe Church, and on this 323RD day I took that next big step of my ‘Rebirthing’ by officially signing and dating on the dotted line of the Life Pointe Church Membership Covenant. I am now an official member of my Church. It is a truly distinct honour that will never be taken lightly. It is an absolute unification and commitment to God and my fellow church members that will never waver. It will only intensify.


Coming This Week To A Blog Near You !

1.  Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad – I’ll be hanging out with my loving Life Pointe family on Sunday morning for about 4½ hours, and then again for another 2½ hours in the afternoon at a new membership luncheon. I’ll post 5 of my thoughts regarding the exciting events of the day early on Sunday night.

2.  The Fortune Cookie Message Of The Week Club – It’s either Panda Express or China Yan on Monday for Lunch, so I’ll be looking for that thought-provoking fortune cookie message to post on here for all of you bonafide club members worldwide.

 3.  Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts – It’s our hottest, craziest, and most spontaneous weekly blog entry on here. I have no clue what 10 miscellaneous items I plan to blog about until I actually sit down at my computer on Tuesday night to do so. Who knows what could happen when I let my fingers do the talking !

4.  The Road Rage Files – Chapter 17 – It could happen !

Be sure to stick around all week long here on ‘The Major’s Life Blog’.

Travel Weather

Weather In Paradise

Here’s the weather forecast for Homestead Florida for the next 7 days:

Saturday – Partly Sunny, High In The Low-80s
Sunday – Partly Sunny, High In The Low-80s
Monday – Partly Sunny, High In The Low-80s
Tuesday – Partly Sunny, High In The Low-80s
Wednesday – Partly Sunny, High In The Low-80s
Thursday – Partly Sunny, High In The Low-80s
Friday – Partly Sunny, High In The Low-80s

I see a trend developing here.


Directions To Paradise – Take I-95 south until it ends and merges with U.S. 1. Take U.S. 1 south until you reach numbered streets in the lower-300s. WELCOME !