Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

If a Tuesday night ever goes by without me posting my ‘Grab Bag O’ Thoughts’ with no advance explanation whatsoever then please call the cops because something bad must have happened to me !

1.  For the first time since the mid-1980s I am NOT watching “The Tonight Show” on NBC-TV. Johnny Carson was the King of Late Night, and Jay Leno followed-up admirably for 17 years. I rarely missed a show (on tape). I am NOT a fan of Conan O’Brien. Nothing personal. I just don’t like his unique style of comedy. I’ll be awaiting “The Jay Leno Show” weeknights this Fall at 10 PM.

2.  “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here !“, and I’m so addicted – all over again !   I was actually one of the few fans of the original 2003 ABC-TV incarnation of the show, and here we go again in 2009 with more D-List celebrities out in the jungle again. I reserve the right to remain silent regarding my opinions on apparent Christians Heidi and Spencer.

3.  Dude the “Ice Road Truckers” are back in action on History, and my Sunday nights this Summer are now so totally complete. It’s the most riveting one-hour of television for me every single week. It’s my adrenaline rush on a Sunday night, and it’s probably the last thing I need right before I go to sleep prior to the start of another new work week.

4.  Homestead Air Reserve Base received 13.01 inches of rain during the second-half of May. That’s more rain than the base received combined during the 7½ months prior to that going back to the start of last October. As it turns out it was one of the wettest Mays in modern recorded history. What a wild way to end one of the dryest of dry seasons in modern recorded history.

5.  My extended 87-hour 42ND birthday celebration weekend commences in less than 48 hours this Thursday afternoon at 1530 local. That’s 3:30 PM to those of you non-military types (2:30 PM Central / 1:30 PM Mountain / 12:30 PM Pacific). I’ve got what is expected to be a totally crammed weekend of events that are now piled up high just as soon as the long weekend begins for me. But even that is no excuse to abandon my blogging ministry, so be sure to stick around and watch what happens !  You won’t regret it pal.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

  1. 13 inches of rain – wow! Was that including today? I guess it was much needed rain. Scary part was all the thunder, lightning and power outages this week. Speaking of power outages, Pastor T mentioned on his facebook today that the office location had an outage. They were still working, but off of the power from the generator. Then earlier this evening…wait..you’ll have to check out my blog for the rest – lol!

  2. It hasn’t rained in June yet at the base. That’s 3 straight days of NO rain (thus far). My power went out completely for about 5 minutes last night. I know that it was out for much of the night in places like Leisure City and Naranja Lakes.

  3. The power went out about three times last night during our life group…one time long enough for us to go get our crank generated light and use it. In fact, our prayer time was in the dark. The prayer was powerful and accentuated by the darkness, especially after we had just read a chapter in our book about the awesomeness of and who God is!


  4. Anne J. – We read that same first chapter of “Crazy Love” tonight in the semester premiere of our Life Group. I am in constant awe of how totally all-encompassing God is. He is everything. I am so very honoured that I can talk to Him at anytime, and that He would listen to me. Amazing Grace.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy 42nd birthday BRO!!! You don’t look a DAY over 45. Just kidding. You and I BOTH know you look like you are 25 years old, making me just 17 years old.

    I just wanted to tell you that I am ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY ADDICTED to “I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of here!”

    Here are some random comments about the show:

    Heidi and Spencer – Evil, Arrogant, and Fake

    Lou Diamond Phillips – BORN Leader. I want him to win.

    Stephen Baldwin – Very funny guy. I loved the way he reacted when his older brother showed up. Can you tell that Stephen’s older brothers MAY have bullied him a little bit when they were younger?

    Sanjaya – Nice hair, dude.

    Torrie Wilson – The bravest female. She endured the rats.

    Janice – Starting to get on my nerves.

    Patti – The most normal person there.

    John Salley – That is one tall dude, dude.

    That is all for now. Do NOT see “Land of the Lost” OR “The Hangover” without me. We’ll be seeing BOTH when you come to Dallas in 2 weeks AHHHHHH!!!

    Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best bro in the world!!!!

    ~ Danny

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