Saturday Night Retro

TODAY – the 13TH of June – marks my 14TH anniversary of living right here in my current home in South Central Homestead Florida 33034. At 168 months this is by far the longest tenure for me in any home in my entire life. This surpasses the 69 months that I lived in Lanham Maryland (1975-1980), the 55 months that I lived in McLean Virginia (1980-1985), and the 57 months that I lived on the original Homestead Air Force Base (1987-1992).

It’s hard to believe that when I first moved here in my current home (from my previous home in nearby Naranja) the rest of my family was still living up in McLean Virginia for the 15TH year (out of 16). Since then my Mom and Dad and Brother have moved nearly a dozen times combined – halfway across the U.S.A. !

Back in 1993 after I got out of the Active Duty USAF (and before I started working back with the USAF again as a Civilian) I lived in a tiny studio efficiency of a couple hundred square feet in what could best be described as ‘a rundown apartment complex in a rough neighbourhood in the heart of Melbourne Florida’. I paid less than $200 per month in rent for that place, and that was pretty much what it was worth back then. Although I made some good friends there it was the closest that I’ve ever come to living in a crack den. 😯

Here’s a jam that was totally HOT on the radio and on the dance floors 16 years ago in 1993 while I was unemployed and trying hard to stay out of trouble in that rough ‘hood of Melbourne. It’s the U.S. # 1 platinum smash from Snow – and it’s all about that “Informer”. I present it to you for your ‘Saturday Night Retro’ review: