Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

The Tuesday night tradition turns 20-months-old this week:

1.  We here in America’s Riviera have once again made International news headlines for all of the wrong reasons. The mutilations / murders of 19 cats in and around Palmetto Bay and Cutler Bay by the so-called serial cat killer is being talked about all the way around the world. The accused 18-year-old murderer has posted bail earlier today set at $249,000.

2.  This is the video that was seen all the way around the world of the bear that was shot with a tranquilizer gun up in a tree, fell to a trampoline below, bounced off of it too high, and then missed the trampoline on the second fall.

3.  My Mom and my Brother may fly to Chicago soon to appear on an episode of Judge Jeanine Pirro (yet another daily syndicated TV court show). My Mom is the Plaintiff in a case that I can’t discuss any further. Judge J.P. is seen locally weekday afternoons at 3 PM on WSFL-TV (CW).

4.  Take away the word ‘like’ from the vocabulary of a typical kid, teenager, and twentysomething – and like … he or she would like … be like … speechless. I’m just sayin’.

5.  Hazy, Hot, and Humid with a High near 100°F. That’s what I can expect during the entire time that I will be in the northeastern suburbia of Dallas Texas later this week into this weekend. Me y mi familia plan to spend a majority of our life and times indoors near working HVACs !

That’s what’s on my mind on this Tuesday night. Thanks for reading !