My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics

GRITS stands for Grammatical Revolution In The Spirit, and the duo comes to us from Music City U.S.A. – Nashville Tennessee. They were once part of the legendary group known as dc Talk (also featuring tobyMac). GRITS music has been featured on several movie soundtracks, various MTV shows, and TNA wrestling.

In 2006 they released their 8TH studio album “Redemption”. It included this gem featuring Los Angeles California rapper Pigeon John. It’s “Open Bar”, and it was one of the first hip hop / rap radio singles that I discovered during the first year of my fantastic journey with God. In fact it made me realize that such an eclectic genre of Christian music actually existed in the first place. It’s hip hop and rap music that’s clearly on the side of God. Anything is possible when you are aligned with God. This may be all about an “Open Bar”, but this is not what you think it is. There’s living water in this bar, so get your mind in order. It’s in the lyrics:

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  1. Hey I like GRITS, was just listening to them today. I discovered them about 6-7 years ago, actually saw them in concert before. I didn’t know they were with D.C. Talk before.

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