Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– It’s the 22ND edition of these ‘Thursday Night Mini Thoughts’.
– This is as spontaneous as it gets with me.
– What a difference a day at work makes.
– After a couple of rough and tough days it all turned around today.
– Today evolved into one of the greatest days in recent memory.
– Most of the day was spent inside of a conference room.
– Thursdays are like the final 15 minutes of a typical episode of “The Apprentice“.
– Thursdays are like the Super Bowl, and Fridays are like the off-season.
– I’m looking forward to returning to work tomorrow and getting stuff done.
– This is as far away from Christmas Day as it gets.
– It was exactly 6 months ago, and it’s exactly 6 months in the future.
– Farrah Fawcett died just before 12:30 PM EDT today. She was 62.
– She became an International megastar at 29 with “Charlie’s Angels“.
– I remember her wall posters from back then.
– Who remembers Dynamite (magazine) ?

Dynamite Magazine - September 1977

– That was one of my favourite magazines while growing up in the 1970s.
– Nowadays my favourite magazine is Entertainment Weekly.
– I’ve been a loyal subscriber since Issue # 1 over 19 years ago.
– To this day I still have virtually every single issue ever published.
– I’m going into hibernation mode this Friday afternoon after work.
– I’ve got a lot of work to do around the home.
– Much of it has to do with filing paperwork that’s scattered all around.
– I need to organize important documents much better than they are now.
– I’ll be at Life Pointe Church on Sunday morning – bright and early.
– I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there.
– See you later alligators.
– After awhile crocodiles.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

  1. HEY! I remember Dynamite magazine!!! I think we used to read it back in Maryland at the library when I was 4 and you were 12. I think they used to have ads for the original Star Wars figures in them. I could just stare at those Star Wars toy ads for hours back then.

  2. YES – That’s when you and I were abandoned for HOURS at the New Carrollton library several times per week. Good Times !

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