Monday Night Countdown

I am now an extremely satisfied new customer of AT&T U-verse. It has totally modernized and utterly revolutionized my home entertainment experience. I now have roughly triple the amount of cable channels that I used to have with my previous cable provider.

Here are just 5 cable channels that I’m getting to know now that I have them:

5.  West Coast Television (TBS-W, TRU-W)
     It’s double the fun with U.S. west coast feeds of these two networks !

4.  Fox Reality Channel
     It’s where old reality shows continue to thrive long past their prime.

3.  GSN
     I’ve always wanted the network for game shows, and now I’ve got it.

2.  BBC America
     It’s been nearly 22 years since I left the U.K., and now she’s back.

1.  WGN America
     It’s Chicago’s legendary Channel 9 for the rest of us.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Night Countdown

  1. Don’t forget about the NFL Network! You can now watch those hard to find Thursday night football games!!!!

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