Saturday Night Retro

Back during the Spring of 1996 I visited my Mom, Dad,¬†Brother, and two cats in the Washington D.C. area for the final time. (About 6 months later that year they all moved southward to Jacksonville Florida.) It marked the end of a 27-year¬† homestead (1969-1996) within the D.C. area for my family (55 years forContinue reading “Saturday Night Retro”

Saturday Morning Shenanigans

This morning I visited the often-rumoured-to-go-out-of-business Lowe’s in Homestead for the first time ever, and I took a nearly hour-long grande tour-de-farce of the not-so-jumpin’ joint. It was essentially me walking around the warehouse and spending money in my mind on various home improvements. In my mind I had all-new bathroom sink faucets purchased andContinue reading “Saturday Morning Shenanigans”