The Major’s Loony Bin

TONIGHT’S ‘Loony Bin’ features a comedy vignette from WWE‘s “Friday Night Smackdown” featuring ‘Cryme Tyme’ with ‘Slam Master J’ and Homestead Florida‘s very own Antrel Rolle of the Arizona Cardinals. This was taped backstage at the American Airlines Arena in Miami Florida.

The Fortune Cookie Message Of The Week Club

YEAR 3 of the longest-running occasional series here on this blog begins NOW !


– ‘If your cookie is in 2 pieces, the answer is yes.’

My Analytical Assessment – Besides the fact that we have yet another gramatically-incorrect statement we also have a rather obvious statement. There’s no way that I could possibly read the fortune cookie message if the cookie was not in two pieces; therefore, the answer will always be ‘Yes’. ‘No’ is an unacceptable answer. ‘YES WE CAN !’

Ela – YES I DID select a new Doctor. YES I DID schedule myself for a routine physical with that new Doctor.