Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad

Here are my takeaways from my Sunday morning experience at Life Pointe Church:

– It’s the 3RD week of our ‘Devastation & Redemption’ message series.
– This week’s message – ‘Restoration: More Than Just A Road To Recovery’.
– It’s based on the Book of Joel – Chapter 2 Verses 18 to 27.
– It’s not about what we can get back from God.
– It’s all about what we can give to God.
– It’s not about 20 minutes of ‘Praise & Worship’ on a Sunday morning.
– It’s all about ‘Praise & Worship’ 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
– Does how we live our Life truly honour God ?
– For 5 months in 1993 I was unemployed and ‘reliving my youth’.
– I was living in a tiny studio efficiency in a rough part of Melbourne Florida.
– I had crack dealers and users as nearby neighbours.
– I was surrounded by sin, and I wasn’t entirely innocent myself.
– I didn’t know what my next job would be.
– I didn’t know God back then.
– But even then God knew me, and He took care of me during those hard times.
– He was in charge of me even when I didn’t realize it.
– He never begged and pleaded for me to change my ways and follow Him.
– He waited another 13 years for me to pick myself up and grab His hand.
– I took the correct ‘fork in the road’ – unlike every other time before then.
– That’s when I realized that God created it all, and He owns it all.
– It’s when I realized that God has given us everything that we need.
– All of His creation is merely on loan to us.
– We can’t take it with us.
– We should never have faith in material goods.
– We should always have faith in God.
– My Life Pointe Church family is just like me.
– We are a large collection of dysfunctionals.
– We are a bunch of underperformers.
– We are all too far from God.
– We must constantly progress forward into the daylight to get closer to Him.
– We must never get comfortable.
– We must continue to mature and intensify our personal relationship with God.
– It must always be about Him.
– May God Bless each and every one of you reading this.
– He loves you more than you could ever love Him back.

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