My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics

One of the most played songs on the radio during my recent 2,764.7 mile trek halfway across the continent and back was the brand new pop smash from Toby Mac – “City On Our Knees”. When I heard it for the first time on WAY-FM a couple of weeks ago it was an instant classic as far as I was concerned.

It’s in the lyrics:

If you gotta start somewhere why not here
If you gotta start sometime why not now
If we gotta start somewhere I say here
If we gotta start sometime I say now
Through the fog there is hope in the distance
From cathedrals to third world missions
Love will fall to the earth like a crashing wave

Tonight’s the night
For the sinners and the saints
Two worlds collide in a beautiful display
It’s all love tonight
When we step across the line
We can sail across the sea
To a city with one King
A city on our knees
A city on our knees

Beautiful words there from T-Mac. There’s only one Great King of this world that we live in, and He created it all. We are simply temporary visitors and users of His great creations. Can you imagine how great this world would be if every single last one of us joined forces in unison and gave it all up for God. If we all praised and worshipped Jesus Christ forever. If we all loved each other forever. If God’s Kingdom expanded to encompass the entire world. We are truly a mere one choice from together. Let us step across the line.

You can hear the song with its lyrics in its entirety here: