God Music

My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics

Tonight and tomorrow I wrap-up the 4TH glorious calendar year for me on this fantastic journey following, believing, trusting, loving, and thanking God. It’s a journey that unexpectedly started on a random August morning in 2006, and it just keeps getting more exciting as time goes on. I’m truly looking forward to what 2010 holds forth for me and those closest to me on this journey.

After more than 40 months one song on the vast soundtrack of this journey stands out a bit above the rest. It’s a bold and energetic song with a steady beat that calls on God by name no less than three times. It plays out like a passionate prayer with powerful words directed straight to our Lord Almighty:

I need You here with me to face the world outside
‘Cause I’m tired of “Sleeping In”

Open up my eyes, I’m tired of “Sleeping In”
In a world that’s dying to wake up
And it’s got me “Sleeping In”

It’s in the lyrics: