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Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– Let’s get spontaneous.
– Can we talk here ?
– It is JUST …
– Today for Lunch me and my closest coworkers ate at The Big Cheese.
– Most of us ate GINORMOUS slices of pizza and loads of garlic bread.
– Garlic is good for the heart.
– So is my Lipitor.
– The electricity just went completely off for about a half a minute.
– Let’s try to keep the power on during this severe weather FPL.
– I’ve got things to do, and I need electricity to do all of them.
– Parts of Downtown Miami received up to a half a foot of rain today !
– We didn’t get much of anything in and around the Homestead area.
– But just wait until tonight and tomorrow for the great deluge.
– I’m looking forward to a breather from the wacky warm and wet weather.
– It will be absolutely delightful outside starting this Saturday morning.
– For at least 5 to 7 days temperatures will be a bit below normal.
– Wind chills will be in the 40s for 4 mornings in a row starting on Sunday.
– It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – everywhere I go !
– Santa Claus will be sliding down chimneys one week from late tonight.
– Santa Claus is one kool dude !
– Last Friday night I ate at P.F. Chang’s at The Falls for the first time ever.
– Tomorrow night I’m apparently going back for an encore.
Travis and Kelly insisted on it.
– I might get creative and try something radical on the menu.
– But I know that there will be some banana spring rolls on the docket.
– Yesterday afternoon I went to Target on an unexpected shopping spree.
– I got a modern new cordless telephone system to replace my aging one.
– Ela O. was the first legitimate telephone call that I received on it.
– But I couldn’t answer at the time because all of the handsets were charging.
– So I called her back on my antiquated cell phone.
– We enjoyed a lively discussion.
– I also bought some clothes and some other odds and ends at Target.
– I go there perhaps 4 times a year.
– Whenever I go there I tend to buy a wide variety of items.
– I even bought a 1970s roller disco music compilation CD.
– I was jammin’ on the way to work this morning listening to that !
– Well those are my ‘Mini Thoughts’ on this Thursday night.
– Your time is precious, so I thank you for spending some of it with me.
– Keep on doin’ your thang my friends.
– This blog was compiled LIVE before a studio audience.