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Another Cold Morning !

It’s another cold morning here in America’s Riviera – mid-50s with wind chills in the low-50s. We dropped down to 51°F on Wednesday morning, and 56°F on Tuesday morning. Now you may think that temperatures at dawn in the 50s is a heatwave for you, but here at sea level at 25.5° north latitude (near the Tropic Of Cancer) that makes for a cold morning. Our average minimum temperature for the entire year (right now – mid-January) is right at 60°F, so once we drop below normal – it’s cold outside !

When we drop into the 40s – now that’s downright frigid. That’s “severe weather” for us. We’ve had two such mornings so far – one in late-November and one in mid-December. Last winter we had 12 such mornings in the 40s. The last time we hit the 30s ?  February 20TH 2015. Most of us hibernated that day.

South Floridians don’t dress like everyone else in North America. When we hit the 50s in the morning we’re all bundled up as if there’s a raging blizzard out there. When we reach the 40s we start calling in sick (cold) from work.

YES – This is the exciting time of the year where our weather changes rapidly based on approaching and passing cold fronts from the northwest. Once our rainy season gets started in mid-May – well then we pretty much know what to expect for the next 5 months after that. We can expect everything – except for cold temperatures. During the rainy season we’ll be stuck in a narrow 20°F range from 73°F to 93°F day and night.

Uh-oh. We just dropped another degree as I wrote this blog post. It’s 54°F at 6 AM.


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