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Bedtime Stories

It’s right around 8:30 PM EDT on a Thursday night, and I’ve got your ‘Bedtime Stories’ for you right here – right now !

This is the calm before the holiday weekend storm. I’m enjoying the calm – the peace, the quiet, the safety, and the security of my own home. But I can’t wait for the storm to begin. The storm of faith, fellowship, and Love at Harris Field in the heart of Homestead tomorrow afternoon and evening, and the glorious celebration of Easter Sunday at Life Pointe Church for about 5 hours on Sunday morning.

I’m working tomorrow morning, but then I’m taking the afternoon off. I plan to be on-site at Harris Field tomorrow afternoon right around 3 PM or so to help get that place transformed into our ‘Moonlight Easter Egg Hunt‘. We will totally ROCK that place for several thousand guests for about 4 hours tomorrow night. Gates open to the public at 6 PM, and the fun begins shortly thereafter. Be there for the biggest Good Friday event in Homestead’s history !

I’ll have an early edition of your ‘Friday Night Blogroll Review’ posted here on the blog shortly after 12 noon tomorrow, and then late on Friday night (or early on Saturday morning) I’ll have the ‘Life Pointe Church Moonlight Easter Egg Hunt Tossed Salad’ on here featuring a full recap of the night’s events.

Until we meet tomorrow afternoon at Harris Field, or until we meet back here at the blog remember this:

L’Eggo My Eggo !

Have a great night everyone !

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The Fortune Cookie Message Of The Week Club

It’s time for the St. Patrick’s Day edition of ‘The Fortune Cookie Message Of The Week Club’ – because whenever I think of my Irish descent I think of – CHINESE FOOD !

Fortune Cookie

‘Never bring unhappy feelings into your home.’

Once upon a time I used to be a generally sad and miserable person. I like to refer to that time of my life (not capitalized) as ‘Ages 0 to 39’. During the Summer Of 2006 I awoke from the darkness. I am now ‘Chasing Daylight’. It’s morning again.

Two recent search engine terms that led to this blog are quite interesting. One is a question, and the other answers the question:

Q – Does God speak through a fortune cookie ?

A – God speaks to me through fortune cookies !

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The Chris Day Club

This is not me.

ME:  Hello Chris Day ?
HIM:  Yes ?
ME:  This is Chris Day.
HIM:  Yes it is. Who am I speaking with ?
ME:  No I meant that my name is Chris Day too.
HIM:  Oh !  OK !  Weird.
ME:  I’m thinking about making a move to Bucks County Pennsylvania, and I decided to call you because I think that it would be really cool if Chris Day sold a house to Chris Day.
HIM:  Well that could certainly be arranged.
ME:  Cool.
HIM:  Where do you live now ?
ME:  South of Miami Florida.
HIM:  And you want to move here ?
ME:  No, not really.
HIM:  I don’t blame you.
ME:  Well thanks for your time anyway.
HIM:  No problem Chris. It was fun.
ME:  Same here Chris.

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Bedtime Stories

It’s just after 8:30 PM EDT on this wild and crazy Monday night, and I just got home from a full day of work (at the base) and even more work (at the church office) about an hour ago. I am so totally exhausted after this nearly 14-hour day away from home, but it was the funnest day I’ve enjoyed in recent memory !  I had an awesome time at both places of work.

It was fun hangin’ out with Travis, Paul, Jesse, Alex, and Anne (you need a blog too) at the church office this afternoon, and I now have a ton of new stuff that I need to set up on my computer here at home to get started with my new position as Life Pointe’s ‘Director Of Cool’ as Pastor Travis is tentatively referring to it, or as the ‘Director Of Life Pointe Connections’ as I am tentatively referring to it (until I come up with something even more catchier or at least relevant).

I’ll get it all ready and organized by this upcoming Saturday night. I’ll need to because I go to work and hit it hard on Sunday afternoon after I return home from the two services with everything that I need to do to get connected with everyone. I’m really looking forward to it all.

Well that’s what I’ve got for tonight as far as ‘Bedtime Stories’ is concerned. It’s my only blog entry for this Monday. I’ll be back on the blog tomorrow (Tuesday) after 4 PM with my most-anticipated ‘Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts’.

Have a safe, peaceful, and relaxing Monday night everyone, and until we blog again remember this:

Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man.