My 42ND Birthday

So TODAY I am officially 42-years-old even though I’ve been stating my age as 42 since pretty much the latter portion of 2008. Tomorrow I technically begin my 43RD year, but I won’t be ready to tell people that I’m 43 until perhaps Thanksgiving or Christmas. 42 just seems like a nice cool even number age. It’s the year that Elvis Presley died.

THANK YOU to all of my good friends (and my cool little brother) who sent me cell phone text message greetings, blog comment greetings, and E-Mail greetings today. Every year I try hard to keep my birthday a secret, yet word somehow seems to get out to the world. It never fails.

I spent about 5 hours at The Falls today (in addition to the 3 hours that I was there last night). I had my annual eye exam. While my pupils were COLOSSAL I ate an ENORMOUS Lunch at T-G-I-Fridays, and then I saw “Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian” at the Regal Cinemas there.

Here’s an interesting tidbit of useless trivia. I saw the original “Night At The Museum” movie on New Year’s Eve in 2006. It was the last movie that I saw at the Flagship Cinemas in Homestead before I attended Life Pointe Church for the very first time at that movie theatre exactly 3 Sundays later.

As far as my eye exam was concerned my longtime nearsightedness continues to slowly improve with age (that’s apparently normal), but my relatively new farsightedness (reading vision) continues to slowly worsen. I had to get all-new glasses to reflect the change in my vision. It’s a sign of old age maturity.  😯

It’s hard to believe that 24 years ago tomorrow – the 06TH of June – I graduated from high school. I thought that I would never make it. TOMORROW on the ‘Retro’ I’ll share a picture of me dressed up in my high school graduation cap and gown.

But until then check this out from 42 years ago tonight:

Chris At Birth - Selma Alabama - June 05TH 1967
Chris At Birth – Selma Alabama – June 05TH 1967

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6 thoughts on “My 42ND Birthday

  1. Simple – I round up. For the past 6 months I’ve been closer to the age of 42 than I was to the age of 41. Also – 42 just seems like a cool age to be, so I claimed 42ness early. I’ll stay 42 until about December, and then I’ll be closer to 43 – but maybe I’ll still be 42.

    I’m so confused about why most women lie about their age (or are not proud of it). Please explain on behalf of all women. 😀

  2. I cannot explain why women are not proud of their age. I’ve never been ashamed to say it. I was excited to turn 30! It sounded cool to me. I’m 30 and lovin life!!!!

  3. I was excited to turn 42 for many months before the actual 42ND anniversary of my birth. Besides if we really wish to get technical God created me 42 years and 9 months ago, so there ya go – I’ve been 42 for the past 9 months ! 8)

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