Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

The Tuesday night tradition CONTINUES:

1.  Since the rainy season began with a vengeance not quite 4 weeks ago the Homestead / Florida City area (including the northern communities up to Cutler Bay) have received between 16 and 18 inches of rain. My forecast from a few months ago (during the severe dry season) of a much wetter than normal rainy season is right on track. I may not know how to fix things, but I can give you a reasonably accurate weather forecast.

2.  We’re actually at the start of a short dry spell. Thunderstorms should be less numerous over the next several days through this weekend. Any isolated storms that do develop should be quick and benign. Expect lots of bright sunshine during the days with highs approaching the low-90s.

3.  I visited The Falls (Shopping Center) on 3 out of 5 days from last Thursday through this Monday. My economic impact to the mall exceeded $550 combined during those 3 days. Talk about a 2009 Economic Stimulus Package !  Nowadays I typically visit The Falls perhaps 3 to 5 times per YEAR. I feel like I’m reliving my childhood whenever I visit The Falls because it’s the first place I really ever hung out at on a regular basis when I first moved here back in the late-1980s. One thing is for sure. I like how they’ve remodeled the longtime United Artists / Regal Cinemas there. That old movie theatre is in much better shape than another one I know. I’ll have to see more movies there in the future.

4.  TODAY I ate Lunch at Beef O’ Brady’s. I did NOT have the Reuben sandwich there although they do make a good one. I enjoyed the Watterson instead. It’s basically hot roast beef piled high with melted swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo in-between two crispy slices of grilled rye bread dude !  I always enjoy great food and great service at the Beef’s. My only ‘Beef’ with the joint is its obscure location in relation to my home and workplace.

5.  In just 8 days I embark on yet another short trip to the northeastern suburbs of Dallas Texas to visit my brother, his wife, their dog, our Mom, our Dad, and their cat. I’ll be there for Father’s Day Weekend. Don’t worry – the blogging will continue every single day with all of the regular weekly series on their normal days.