The Search For The Greatest Reuben (Or Pastrami) On Rye – The Saga Continues

During the Summer of 2007 I embarked on an exciting culinary journey to discover, identify, and declare the greatest Reuben sandwich known to mankind (or at least me, myself, and I). I managed to visit (officially) 6 cool places aqui en South Florida as well as a couple of popular joints over in North Texas.

Click on the various hyperlinks below to re-live the Reuben magic that was from my original MySpace blog

Part 8 – New York New York Deli – 15 September 2007

Part 7– Bennigan’s – 30 August 2007

Part 6 – Broadway Subs – 28 August 2007

Parts 5 / 4 / 3 – Ruberto’s Pizza & Deli / Bennigan’s / Jason’s Deli – July 2007

Part 2– Arby’s – 22 June 2007

Part 1 – The Original Lots Of Lox Deli – 13 June 2007

I don’t believe that I have even come close to finding that oh-so-perfect Reuben sandwich, and I’m not so sure why I gave up on the endeavour after just 3 short months back then.

In order to right this most obvious wrong I’ve decided to resurrect this madness, and it all starts back up TODAY !

I ate Lunch at Hops at The Falls for the first time in several years. I had eaten there plenty of times in the past ever since they first opened for business. I enjoyed their hot and delicious Reuben sandwich (what a shock) and fries along with cold and refreshing Coca Cola Classic. The Reuben deserved an ‘A-‘ grade (I’m sure I can find better – but this one was rather scrumptious), and the fries I’ll give a ‘B-‘ (hot but a bit tasteless).

Do you know where I can find the greatest Reuben (or Pastrami) on rye ?  Send me the 4-1-1, and I’ll check it out for myself !  MAZAL TOV !

5 thoughts on “The Search For The Greatest Reuben (Or Pastrami) On Rye – The Saga Continues

  1. Cracker Barrel..they have it but I have not tried it. Of course, my stepdad makes the best!

  2. I can’t imagine ordering a Reuben at the Cracker Barrel because they have so many other delicious items on the menu and I don’t eat there very often. I end up trying something different whenever I do make it over there for Lunch or Dinner.

  3. Bro, I plan for us to visit a place called Mimi’s Cafe in Allen. Apparently they have good Reuben Sandwiches there!

    Add it to the list of places we plan to eat at!

    The List: Mimi’s Cafe, Scotty P’S Hamburgers, Brio, PF Chang’s (aka PJ Chang’s aka BJ Chang’s), Baskin Robbins

  4. I’m looking forward to eating a lot of delicious food in selected fine dining establishments all throughout the northeastern suburban corridor of Dallas Texas next weekend ! 😀

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