Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– This is the weekly blog series that I look forward to the most.
– If I did this twice per week then I wouldn’t look forward to it as much.
– These are my spontaneous spur-of-the-moment thoughts right now.
– It takes you 3 seconds or less to read each thought.
– That’s why the’re called ‘Mini Thoughts’.
– I’ve got to be careful here because I could offend someone.
– Oh well what if I do ?
– I’m just being real.
– It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been on this journey following God.
– The devil is always working hard to win you back.
– He wants you to commit sins and rejoin the darkness of the world.
– If you take your heart and soul off of God then you lose.
– But once you’ve fallen it’s real easy to get back up again.
– God is the solution to every problem.
– If you don’t believe that then you just don’t get it.
– Maybe some day you will.
– Hopefully some day you will.
– God will patiently wait for you to come around.
– It’s never too late to stop wasting time and start chasing daylight.
– I didn’t proceed into the light until after my 39TH birthday.
– Ask me about my new Life over the past 1,000+ days.
– TOMORROW is my 24TH anniversary in the United States Air Force.
– There are people working on base that were born after I started working there.
– If you were born in 1993 then you can drive a car now.
– That totally frightens me to bits and pieces !
– Dallas Texas got SLAMMED by torrential rains, flooding, and wind damage.
– Some parts of Dallas got over a half a FOOT of rain today and last night.
– If my flight to DFW was this afternoon then I would have gone nowhere.
– Hundreds of flights in and out of DFW were cancelled today.
– Luckily I’m flying in to the Metroplex NEXT Thursday afternoon.
– I hope the weather is peaceful and quiet then – here and there.
– I received a funny joke today via E-Mail regarding Texas.
– I’ll post it as a ‘Saturday Morning Shenanigan’ this weekend.
– I might see “The Hangover” at the movie theatre this weekend.
– It’s a surprising runaway box office smash hit !
– I’ll probably be laughing all throughout the funny flick.
– I love to laugh.
– Laughing is healthy.
– If I’m laughing then all is good in my Life.
– And it is.