Saturday Night Retro

I’m coming up on the 6TH anniversary of my current car – a 2003 Saturn Ion Quad Coupe 3. It’s all paid off now (as of a year ago), and it’s the first time that I’ve actually paid off a car of mine in over 15 years. I’ve owned this 3RD Saturn of mine almost as long as I owned my first two Saturns combined during the immediate 6 years and 2 months before I bought this current Saturn.

–> 6 years ago this June the average cost per gallon of gas was less than $1.50.

A lot has occurred and evolved in my life over the past 6 years. Back in June of 2003 I was working in a job that I didn’t really like with people that I didn’t really care for. All I really wanted was a way out of that bad situation, but I kept getting offered more money to stay.

I was heavily into the European trance, techno, and house music scene. If you couldn’t find me on a random Friday or Saturday night at home then perhaps I was 260 miles away up in the Orlando area partying on the dancefloors with crowds of fellow touristas. 6 years ago this June I was still more than 3 years away from the light of the day that God led me to. God knew me, but I didn’t know Him yet.

–> 6 years ago in 2003 my favourite radio station was WPYM Party-93.1 Miami.

Here’s one of the European trance jams that I was dancing in the dark to back then. It’s DJ Valentin and Vocalist Kristine Hendricks – better known collectively as the duo of QED. This is their # 1 club dance smash from exactly 6 years ago – a modern remake of Def Leppard‘s 1988 power-rock ballad “Love Bites”. Enjoy:

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