Saturday Morning Shenanigans

Good Morning my friends !  It’s just about 6:30 AM CDT as I begin composing this blog entry – that’s 7:30 AM EDT for those of you along the vast Eastern Seaboard.

Since Thursday afternoon I’ve been livin’, eatin’, and playin’ here in the northeastern corridor of Suburban Dallas Texas – the affluent cities of Allen, Fairview, and McKinney.

Much of yesterday me, my Brother, his wife, and our Mom played “Million Dollar Password“. We kept giving each other one-word clues in an attempt to figure out what the password was that we were trying to describe. I recommend that we play this game at our next Life Group fellowship !  Last night we picked up Taboo, so we’ll be playing that tonight. That’ll be lots of fun, and I have lots of experience with that game !  Good Times !

Yesterday morning me and my brother went on an approximate 8 to 9 mile bicycle ride for about an hour all throughout the neighbourhoods, parks, and streets of northeastern Allen Texas. It’s possibly the first time that I’ve been on a bicycle ride in over 21 years since 1988 when my bicycle at the time was my only form of personal transportation. (That was the year before I bought my very first new car in South Florida.)

3 MASSIVE MEALS thus far since I’ve been here. Match the restaurant in the first group with what my main course was in the second group with the day and the meal that I enjoyed it on in the third group:

1.  Saltgrass Steak House
2.  Scotty P’s Hamburgers
3.  Brio Tuscan Grille

A.  Original Hamburger, Sweet Potato Fries, Coke
B.  Chicken Milanese Pomodoro, Caesar Salad, Sierra Mist
C.  Pat’s Ribeye, Broccoli Cheese Au Gratin, Caesar Salad, Peach Tea

I.  Friday Dinner
II.  Thursday Dinner
III.  Friday Lunch

I’ll reveal the correct answers in a future blog entry. Be sure to catch a fresh new ‘Saturday Night Retro’ tonight, but FIRST – REMEMBER THIS !

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