My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics

The first few times that I heard this jam on the radio I thought that it was the hot new breakout smash from Homestead Florida‘s very own The Saturn Project featuring this cool dude and this crazy cat. As it turns out it’s actually the umpteenth hit single from International supergroup U2.

Bono, The Edge, Adam, and Larry have been together collectively as a band for the past third of a century (since 1976), and this latest jam sounds very retro. It could quite easily be mixed in with all of their other legendary radio hits of the early-to-mid-1980s that made U2 a household name. It’s from their current studio album “No Line On The Horizon”. It’s all about the love that exists for the “Magnificent” One – The Lord Almighty. Only love can leave such a mark. Only love can heal such a scar. Justified till we die. You and I will magnify the “Magnificent”. It’s in the lyrics:

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