Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

It’s time for the most spontaneous blog series of the week:

– My work week is done and over with.
– My extended 87-hour 4TH of July holiday weekend has begun.
– Next week will be a long and hectic work week for me.
– I’m actually looking forward to the intense action and excitement.
– Tomorrow afternoon I have a 4 to 6 hour appointment here at home.
– It’s with AT&T, and they will be here to install U-Verse in my home.
– I’m dropping Comcast just as soon as AT&T gets my TV and Internet up.
– Comcast has been my TV and Internet provider for nearly 3 years.
– They took over when Adelphia went away in October 2006.
– I’m looking forward to the new TV technology here in my home.
– I’ll be learning how to use all of my new equipment for the rest of the weekend.
– It’ll take me all weekend to check out my 220 or so digital channels.
– I went to Publix on my way home from work this afternoon.
– Publix is my playground.
– I’m happy and I know it, so I clap my hands – at Publix.
– It has a lot to do with the loud hit music that they play all throughout the joint.
– But really – it’s the food that’s screaming at me to buy it.
– I hear voices from both sides of the aisles – “BUY ME !!!
– Be sure to hit up this blog tomorrow night for something new that’s old.
– It’s the series premiere of ‘The Major’s Friday Night Disco Party’.
– I’ll kick it off with one of the greatest disco music anthems of the time.
– Feel free to wear your favourite leisure suit to the party.
– You won’t regret it pal.
– But until then – REMEMBER THIS:

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