Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

1.  I hosted some out-of-town visitors today at work. They are essentially my counterparts at a higher Headquarters level. It was a lot of fun hanging out with them and discussing how we do business here at Homestead (ARB). We also went out to Lunch at Homestead‘s very own LongHorn SteakHouse. YUM !

2.  Just as I predicted would happen once the Olive Garden next door opened for business there were not too many people eating Lunch at the LongHorn. Customer service was immediate, friendly, and professional. The food was scrumptiously delicious. I enjoyed the Parmesan Crusted Chicken with seasoned french fries and brandied cinnamon apples. It was a MASSIVE Lunch for my MASSIVE appetite !

3.  Meanwhile over at the Olive Garden the parking lot was jammed and crammed to capacity. That joint was totally jumpin’ – no doubt about it. I’ll wait until after the excitement dies down a bit to check it out for myself. The Greater Homestead area is starting to turn in to a little Italian mecca here in America’s Riviera with the Capri and Nazbar (down the road in Florida City), Mamma Mia, Olive Garden, and (soon) The Big Cheese on U.S. 1. It just so happens that Italian food is my favourite type of food, so I say to BRING IT ON !

4.  It’s the 7TH day of July, so you just know what that means !  No ?  Well it may not mean anything special for you, but for me it means that I am now a mere two months away from my next Carnival cruise vacation getaway. I set sail on the 7TH day of September (Labour Day Monday) on my 10TH anniversary Carnival cruise on the same exact cruise ship that I was on for my very first Carnival cruise during the Labour Day Weekend of 1999. GOOD TIMES !

5.  The 11TH season of “Big Brother” on CBS-TV begins this Thursday night at 8 PM EDT. It will air on Thursday nights, Sunday nights, and Tuesday nights through the middle of September. I don’t believe that I have missed a single episode of the series since it premiered 9 years ago in July 2000, and I don’t plan to miss any of the 30 or so episodes that will begin in just 48 hours. My Summer is just not complete until “Big Brother” is occupying the digital airwaves.

And that’s how I rock and roll on this Tuesday night. Thank You for caring !

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