Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad

Here are my takeaways from this morning’s Life Pointe Church experience:

– There were members of the Johnson family everywhere you looked !
Travis and Kelly have finally returned from their European vacation.
– Travis and Kelly appreciate the United States Of America more than ever before.
– Travis had the utter audacity to wear a cowboy hat in Paris France !
– He also apparently bragged to the Europeans that he lives in Miami Florida.
– Welcome Home Travis and Kelly !
– This week we kicked-off a fresh new message series based on the Book of Joel.
– It’s an obscure Book out of the Old Testament – written some 2,800 years ago.
– It’s one of the 12 Minor Prophets.
– It’s got some low lows – and some high highs.
– Never forget where you came from – no matter how evil and dark it was.
– Tell that devastating story of when you hit rock-bottom.
– Then tell that joyful story of how God rescued and saved you.
– I’m not so sure that I’d be alive today if God hadn’t saved me 35 months ago.
– Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for blessing me, my family, and my friends.

Life Pointe Church Welcome Center
Life Pointe Church Welcome Center

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