Saturday Night Retro

1999 was a long time ago. It was a decade ago. It was an eternity ago – especially for me in light of my life-changing events of the past 36 months alone.

Back in 1999 on the home technology front I had standard cable television (with Adelphia), standard telephone service (with BellSouth), and standard dial-up Internet service (with Shadow). None of those companies exist today. Nowadays AT&T U-verse delivers all of the modern technology to me.

I had to deal with an untimely and unexpected 15½-hour total outage of my television, telephone, and Internet service from early last night until late this morning. AT&T came out this morning and fixed the problem (outside), and now I’m back in 2009 with all systems a go-go. During the outage my only technological link to the outside world was (believe it or not) my antique cell phone with T-Mobile service. It actually came in quite handy, and it reminded me why I actually have a cell phone in the first place – for emergency situations and pretty much nothing else.

Exactly 10 years ago this weekend the cool pop group known as LFO (Lyte Funky Ones) debuted on the MASSIVESMASH.COM Weekly Top 40 at # 30. They went on to hit # 1 for 2 weeks, spend 19 weeks on the chart, and become the # 17 hit of the entire year. Nationally it was a U.S. Top 3 platinum smash at retail and pop radio. Rich, Devin, and Brad have recently reunited as LFO again recording and touring the nation, but here’s how they rolled back during the Summer of 1999. It’s all about them “Summergirls”:

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