Saturday Morning Shenanigans

This morning I visited the often-rumoured-to-go-out-of-business Lowe’s in Homestead for the first time ever, and I took a nearly hour-long grande tour-de-farce of the not-so-jumpin’ joint. It was essentially me walking around the warehouse and spending money in my mind on various home improvements. In my mind I had all-new bathroom sink faucets purchased and professionally installed as well as a couple of ceiling fans. I even had a new front door !  Maybe some day in the not too distant future I’ll actually do that for real !

(I actually did buy nearly $60 in merchandise including sales tax.)

This week’s Shenanigan of note actually occurred early yesterday afternoon when my longtime plumber (company) arrived to remove and replace my 10-year-old kitchen sink garbage disposal that totally stopped working and made no sound whatsoever for the past couple of months. He also came to bring my longtime malfunctioning guest toilet back to life. The toilet – he actually fixed that genuine problem. It works fine now, and I’m using it on a regular basis.

But before he did that he repaired my non-working garbage disposal – by dumping and jamming a whole bunch of ice cubes in it !  He had it working again in less than 60 seconds !  He said that it was simply jammed up, and that ice cubes generally does the trick. I felt stupid that he was able to bring a non-working garbage disposal with no sound back to life louder and prouder than ever before within a mere New York minute !

Now THAT’S what I call a true Shenanigan !  Be sure to check back here on future Saturday mornings as I reveal how dumb I really am when it comes to fixin’ things.

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