Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– It’s time to get spontaneous here.
– I’m not even thinking before I begin typing.
– I’m just typing whatever flashes across my mind in the given moment.
– I think faster than I type.
– Once upon a time I could type faster than 60 words per minute.
– Then I got old.
– How old am I ?
– Kids getting their driver’s license today were born in 1993 when I was 26.
– If I were in charge then kids wouldn’t be getting driver’s licenses.
– I just got off of the telephone with one of my favourite people on this journey.
– Her name is Ela, and we’ve been walking together for the past 30 months.
– Ela keeps track of me and ensures that I don’t stray from this journey.
– I think that God gave her that as a task to do while she’s here on Earth.
– Ela will be here with us for awhile.
– She’s on ‘God’s Kingdom Expansion Crew’.
– I went to Publix today during my Lunch break.
– It’s my favourite and most-visited store in the entire universe.
– Dude I have a weakness for these morsels of delightfulness:

Entenmann's Glazed Pop'ems
Entenmann's Glazed Pop'ems

– Publix has them as ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’.
– That’s 2 boxes for the price of 1 – a $3.99 value !
– That’s about 72 Pop’ems for $3.99 – or barely more than a nickel per pop.
– I may have to nab a couple more boxes before the promotion ends next week.
– Incidentally I ate Lunch at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s this past Wednesday.
– I think I found the tastiest buffalo chicken wings in all of Homestead.
– Those wings were outrageously scrumptious !
– It was shocking how big and juicy and tasty they were indeed.
– I coulda sat there all afternoon eating them there wings.
– I know that’s right ‘G’ !
– I second that emotion !
– OK we’re goin’ to the Disco tomorrow night here on the groovy blog.
The Village People are in town, so we’ll cruise back to 1979 to join the Navy.
– Until then keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars !
– Oh yeah – and keep your web browser tuned – right where it is.
– You won’t regret it pal.

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