Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad

It’s the 1ST Sunday of November of 2009 at Life Pointe Church in beautiful Homestead Florida, and here are my takeaways:

– Daylight Saving Time is done and over with, but some didn’t get the memo.
– A lot of people showed up an hour earlier than normal.
– Some people who normally attend the 2ND service went to the 1ST service.
– Hardly nobody was fashionably late for the 2ND service.
– 34 years and 8½ months ago I celebrated my first Communion.
– This morning during the 1ST service I led Communion for the first time ever.
– I was nervous while leading it, and I stumbled a few times.
– I think I over-practiced for it in a few areas.
– The next time you see me on stage at the 1ST service I’ll be hosting it all.
– That’ll be in two weeks on the 15TH of November.
– It’ll take me the next two weeks to prepare for it.
Lead Pastor Travis J. led this week’s message.
– Jesus Christ is the Lord of our Life – and our Lifestyle.
– When a lot of us were saved by Him we suddenly got boring.
– We were once party animals, and then we became hermits.
– We should be just as jovial and outgoing today as we were yesterday.
– Everyone’s got excess baggage they don’t like to talk about.
– God heals all broken hearts and dreams.
– You’ve just got to reveal your baggage to Him so that He can heal you.
– If there’s no trust in a relationship then there’s no passion.
– If you totally trust God then you will be totally passionate towards Him.
– ‘If that doesn’t light your fire then your wood must be wet.’ – Travis quote
– It is never acceptable to degrade anyone on this journey.
– God made us exactly how He wanted us to be made.
– If you degrade one another then you are degrading God.
– Never hang your head down low in shame.
– Treasure yourself, and treasure God for creating you like so.
– I’d been personally degraded / abused many times during my previous life.
– I was told over and over again that I was nothing more than a reject.
– It happened as a little kid, as an older kid, and even as an adult.
– The degradation collectively affected who I was in this world for over 30 years.
– It shaped the man that I used to be.
– But then I was saved 38 months ago, as God pulled the dead man out of me.
– I’ve never been so alive.
– Thank You Lord Jesus for all that I have – and all that I am.
– It is all because of You !