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The Major’s Friday Night Disco Party

It’s just past 1 PM CST here in North Texas as I begin compiling this post, and in just about 9 hours I’ll be heading to bed for the final time here. I’ve got an early wake-up call in the morning of 4:30 AM, and I hope to be on the road no later than 90 minutes after that. I hope to enjoy a peaceful and quiet drive southeastward into Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida during the day tomorrow. I’m driving nearly 60% of the way to home tomorrow, and then the remaining 40% of the drive will be on Sunday.

I’m looking forward to returning to my normal routine come Monday morning. It’s always a lot of fun to go on vacation, but I¬†definitely appreciate what I have back at home and at work so much more when I’ve been away for awhile.

This week on my ‘Disco Party’ I’ve got a dude that was born in Glasgow Scotland in 1950, but as a young chap he moved down under to Australia where he’s been ever since. He’s John Paul Young, and back in the early-1970s he played the role of the High Priest Annas in the Australian¬†production of “Jesus Christ Superstar”. In 1978 he scored his only worldwide hit, and it was a memorable Disco smash on the radio, at the nightclubs, and at the roller¬†disco.

Here he is – John Paul Young – with his classic “Love Is In The Air”: