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Monday Night Funnies

TONIGHT I celebrate my 22ND anniversary of living here in America’s Riviera – the Greater South Miami-Dade Florida region. I arrived at (then) Homestead Air Force Base very late at night – in fact it was so late at night that it was actually during the wee early morning hours of the First of December of 1987. Aside from nearly 19 months immediately following the horror and destruction of Hurricane Andrew I’ve been here ever since. I’ll be here for awhile.

In honour of my 22ND anniversary tonight I present to you one of my favourite classic television commercials (from the mid-1960s) that totally¬†brags on this subtropical paradise that I call home known affectionately as America’s Riviera. It makes me laugh every time I see it !

Get ready my friends – it’s time to do the ‘MIAMI GO GO’ !¬†