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Saturday Night Retro

Exactly 47 years ago on Halloween of 1962 the U.S. was engulfed in the Cuban Missile Crisis with the U.S.S.R. Luckily it was drawing to a close as the Soviets began dismantling and removing their missiles in Cuba as a result of a deal struck just a few days earlier by President John F. Kennedy and Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev.

Meanwhile on the radio Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers had the hottest smash on the airwaves, as their “Monster Mash” was riding high atop the Billboard Hot 100. Every year since then it’s been an annual tradition on the radio to signal the arrival of Halloween.

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Halloween Morning Shenanigans

Pumpkin ANSI

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Pumpkin Hangover

Pumpkin - My Parent's Phat Cat
Pumpkin - My Parent's Phat Cat
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The Major’s Friday Night Disco Party

It hardly ever snows in Miami, but one time it did – and it made International news headlines. It was the notorious Winter of 1977 – statistically one of the coldest, windiest, snowiest, and most brutal winter seasons in modern recorded history east of the Mississippi River. Below freezing temperatures invaded virtually the entire great state of Florida, and snow dusted the ground deep into South Florida. Flurries were swirling in the air as far south as Miami, Miami Beach, and even Homestead on the morning of the 19TH of January of 1977. Snow mixed with freezing rain was even observed in The Bahamas on that historic morning !

The next day Jimmy Carter was inaugurated as our 39TH President Of The United States on a cold and sunny day in Washington D.C.

High atop the Billboard Hot 100 during both of these momentous events was this gem from British singer-songwriter Leo Sayer. It’s the biggest smash of his still-going 36-year music career, and it’s a Grammy Award winner. Here’s his gold-certified # 1 Disco smash – “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”.

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Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– Let’s get spontaneous.
– Let’s be extreme.
– Only 56 more hours until Daylight Saving Time ends and Standard Time begins.
– I’m lookin’ forward to that.
– I’ll appreciate the hint of daylight on my way to work shortly after 6 AM.
– I wish we stayed on Standard Time all year long.
– It was another meeting-filled Thursday at work.
– I was in our conference room for about 3 hours of various meetings.
– It’s sort of like the boardroom on “The Apprentice“.
– I dig it because I never get fired.
– If you adore the hot and humid weather then this is your last gasp to enjoy it.
– More normal temperatures return next week with a series of cold fronts.
– I’m also expecting a major cooldown in about 2 to 3 weeks.
– I hinted about that on my Twitter account last night.
– Are you ready for an unusually chilly and wet winter season ?
– December, January, and February could be ridiculous around these parts !
– I’m lookin’ forward to much lower electric bills this winter.
– They typically average as much as 60% lower than during the summer months.
– I’m hoping to kickstart ‘The Major’s Walk-A-Thon’ on Saturday December 05TH.
– That’s where I walk around my neighbourhood early on Saturday mornings.
– I pray for my neighbours, enjoy God’s creations around me, and get healthy.
– Those are 3 things that I never did prior to the start of this fantastic journey.
– 3 weeks from tomorrow morning my long road trip to and from Texas begins.
– I plan to start packing up my car with odds and ends to take with me soon.
– The best part of it all is that I can bring whatever I feel like bringing.
– There is no charge for my luggage, and there is no weight limit.
– Sat. is Halloween for those of you that care enough to send the very best.
– I’ve got a special double feature for you here on the big scary blog.
– First in the morning it’s a special ‘Halloween Morning Shenanigans’.
– Then at night on ‘Retro’ we’re gonna do “The Monster Mash”.
– But before that tomorrow night is Disco night.
– I’ve got the # 1 smash in the U.S. the day Jimmy Carter became President.
– Be sure to check that out, and enjoy your upcoming weekend !
– Be safe, and turn around – don’t drown.