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My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics

Due to the upcoming Veterans Day holiday on Wednesday I present to you a very special Monday night edition of ‘My Fantastic Journey’.

8 years ago during the weeks and months following the terrorist attacks of September 11TH 2001 P.O.D.‘s “Alive” was emerging on the radio airwaves as the ‘feel-good’ song of the season. It was sort of like the anthem to our recovering and reunited nation at the time. We felt so alive as a free nation after being brutally attacked by cowardly terrorists.

8 years later as a follower of Jesus Christ I look at the lyrics to this song in a much different perspective:

Sunshine upon my face
A new song for me to sing
Tell the world how I feel inside
Even though it might cost me everything
Now that I know this is beyond my control
‘Cause I could never turn my back away
Now that I see You
I can never look away

I’m chasing daylight, and I’m truly alive now with The Holy Spirit deep within my mind, heart, and soul. I’m sharing my Life via this blog to anyone who cares to follow along even though I’m routinely labeled as an extreme radical right-wing religious nutjob by the mainstream media and its puppet followers. Lord Jesus I will never look away. I will always follow You !

It’s in the lyrics: