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My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics

During the early weeks and months of my fantastic journey late in 2006 (once I actually realized and confirmed that I was on such a journey) I knew that I was stepping in to something really big. It was huge. It was radical. It was life-transformational. Call it what you will, but there’s just one clarification that I’d like to make before I move on any further. The word ‘was’. It ‘was’ back then, and it still ‘is’ today. It is really big. It is huge. It is radical. It is life-transformational. It is today, and it shall always be infinitely.

That euphoria that I experienced when my previous life died and a new Life – a Rebirthing – began ?  That euphoria is today. The fact of the matter is this. No matter when you were rescued and saved by our Lord Almighty above – whether it be last night, last week, last month, last year, or 25 years ago – if you’re not even more excited about this life-transformation today as you were in the beginning – then you’re only fooling yourself. You’re certainly not fooling God. If there’s no overwhelming excitement and passion for our Lord Almighty Jesus Christ today – then you’re not really living. You’re dying.

Never ever forget where you came from – no matter how dark and evil it was. Reveal it all to God, and ask Him for His forgiveness. With both eyes on the road ahead proceed moving forward with vigor towards the light ahead on the fantastic journey that He created especially for you.

You gotta run from yesterday
Turn away from past mistakes
And leave them all behind
You’re holding on too tight

You gotta run from yesterday
Turn away from past mistakes
And just make up your mind
There is no better time

It’s in the lyrics: