Saturday Night Retro

EXACTLY 9 YEARS AGO TODAY on the 27TH of March of 2001 I sent an E-Mail to my travel agent at the time. She worked on Marco Island, and I was inquiring about the area. Here’s an actual paragraph from that original E-Mail:

I am in the process of planning a two-day vacation for myself over in Naples for the final weekend of April, and I pretty much know what I am going to see and do while over there, but I also want to spend some time (maybe three or four hours at the most) in Marco Island on the day that I drive back from Naples to the Miami area.

It seems that the more things change – the more things stay the same. Back then I was planning a two-day / two-night visit over in the Naples area – my first visit over there in about a decade (since before Hurricane Andrew).

TODAY – 9 YEARS LATER – I drove right by the hotel that I stayed at back then – and I drove right by Marco Island as well. I did visit Everglades City again on this visit – my 2ND visit to the area in about 5½-months. I’ll be visiting the area again later on this year, and perhaps I’ll even make a pit stop on Marco Island.

BACK TO 9 YEARS AGO during the Spring of 2001 when a younger Y-100-listening Chris M. Day was driving around in his brand new gold 2001 Saturn SC2 with this jam cranked-up as loud as can be on the FM stereo:

This concludes another week of blogging for me. I’ll return LIVE on Tuesday night with my weekly ‘Grab Bag O’ Thoughts’ and a totally complete synopsis of my short stay over in the Naples area. Until then my friends have yourself a wonderful weekend, and be sure to follow me on Twitter. See you there.

Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– Let’s get spontaneous.
– Let’s not hold nothin’ back.
– Can we talk here ?
– Be reasonable – do it my way.
– Be radical – do it Jesus’s way.
– For the 2ND Thursday in a row I ate Lunch at the Longhorn Steakhouse.
– It’s my newest (and coolest) weekly tradition.
– It’s my secret hideaway for one hour away from coworkers.
– When I walk in the joint some of the hosts and wait staff welcome me back.
– They identify me as a regular attender.
– I dig that notion !
– My favourite Tweeter is Jesse Santoyo, so you should follow him.
– Come to think of it he’s my favourite blogger too.
– At least someone out there is still kickin’ it old school.
– I’m gearing up for my short weekend trip over to the Naples FL area.
– I’ll be driving over there tomorrow (Friday) afternoon after work.
– I’ll be rocking my face off tomorrow night at the Germain Arena.
Toby Mac, Skillet, and House Of Heroes are going to raise the roof !
– I used to go to rock concerts on a fairly regular basis before I was saved.
– It’s been a long time since my last one in a major arena (non-church setting).
– In fact it’s been over 3 years – since a Huey Lewis And The News show.
– On Saturday morning I have a few pit stops to make over in Naples.
– I’ve got to visit my animal buds over at Naples Zoo.
– I’ve also got to check out the Collier County Museum.
– I’ll also be glancing over at various neighbourhoods as I drive by them.
– I just have this feeling that I’m a future resident of the Naples area.
– I may even catch Lunch on Saturday at Sonic.
– That’s the closest Sonic to my home – 110 miles away !
– Rumours suggest that we may get our very own Sonic here in Homestead.
– Longtimers may remember when we used to have two Sonics on U.S. 1.
– One was in the Naranja area near SW 264TH Street.
– The other one was in Homestead south of SW 320TH Street.
– That was before Hurricane Andrew destroyed everything in its path.
– I’ll be at Life Pointe Church bright and early on Sunday morning.
– I’ve got to be there, as I’m hosting the 9 AM service.
– Grab your crew and check out that first service.
– That would help to free up seats for the second service.
– This Saturday night here on the blog it’s an all-new ‘Retro’.
– I’ll be flashing back 9 years ago to 2001.
– There is no ‘Disco Party’ tomorrow night, and no new blog post.
– Until I blog again on Saturday night my friends take care of yourselves.
– Spread Love – it’s contagious !