Friday Night Blogroll Review

It’s a Friday night tradition for the past 11 months. It’s the best of the best in blogging action from this past week. It’s ON !

Travis posted his ‘Saturday Night Thoughts’ last Saturday night, and it was an instant out-of-the-box classic. I think I’ll read it every so often. It’s good stuff my friends.

Blake Matthew: Future Miami Heat Superstar !

If I could only read one blog (other than my own) then it would have to be (hands-down) Phil’s blog. He’s my # 1 favourite blogger in the entire blogosphere. I present to you two examples of his blogcellence – ‘Line Of Thought‘ and ‘Friday Bottom 3: Reasons Not To Vote‘.

Billy Finch voted.

So yeah you know it’s Halloween and stuff and my bro Casey is up to his same ole tricks and treats again and he’s like gonna crank up the bass and treble tonight so like all of Plantation Key can hear what’s rockin’ at the L-P-C !  SHYEAHZZZ !  Ritz is outta here !

Rebecca’s sleeping.

Gricelda’s a Brunette.