Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– My extended 87-hour 42ND birthday celebration weekend has commenced.
– This is Hour # 2.
– I have a date with Glenn Beck tonight.
– I have a feeling that I will agree with most of what he has to say.
– He reminds me of a young Rush Limbaugh.
– Rush Rules !
– Tomorrow morning I continue a birthday week tradition.
– That’s right kids – I’m getting my annual eye exam done.
– That means that I’ll be blind for HOURS tomorrow.
– My pupils will be dillated no doubt.
– I’ll look like a stoner.
– Guess I’ll just have to hang out at T-G-I-Fridays while that’s goin’ on.
– My eye doctor is at The Falls.
– I thought that I needed to clarify that.
– I wish that we had a T-G-I-Fridays aqui en Homestead.
– The joint would be jumpin’.
– You should have seen the line in front of the new Olive Garden yesterday.
– It extended out from the front door and wrapped around the parking lot.
– There were HUNDREDS in line looking for a job.
– A little over a hundred will be hired.
– I can’t wait for Olive Garden to open up.
– That way I can finally eat at the LongHorn SteakHouse !
– It’s really cool to see places here in Homestead totally PACKED !
– The sudden death of Homestead was greatly exaggerated.
– Don’t mess with my hometown.
– I’ll defend it.
– I have nearly 22 out of my 42 years invested in this place.
– That’s a half a lifetime !
– Well that’s about all for now.
– Those are my Mini Thoughts for this Thursday night.
– I sincerely thank you for spending a few minutes with me reading these.
– Go forth and live your Life to its fullest.
– You won’t regret it pal.

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