Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

It’s a special Thursday MORNING edition of my weekly ‘Mini Thoughts’:

– Later today I fly out from MIA to DFW.
– I like to arrive al aeropuerto a good two hours in advance of my flight.
– That’s gives me 90 minutes from terminal entrance to aircraft entrance.
– Check-in and security usually consumes 30 out of those 90 minutes.
– That leaves me with a full hour to relax before I board.
– Oh yeah – and to take my Dramamine.
– Without Dramamine I would get air sick.
– I don’t fly without it because I know what the consequences are.
– I love to stare out my window into the open skies at 37,500 feet.
– It’s outrageously cold out there – colder than minus 40 degrees !
– Meanwhile it’s at least 110 degrees warmer inside the cabin.
– The cabin pressure is the same as that of a 10,000 foot mountain top.
– I’ve never been that high in my life.
– I can only experience it on an aircraft at 37,500 feet.
– Hazy, Hot, & Humid conditions await me in Dallas Texas.
– I won’t see any rain there at all …
– … Unless something happens like what happened last Thursday.
– That’s when DFW was pretty much shut down because of freak weather.
– My brother and his wife and I will be eating at Brio tonight.
– I’ve never been there before.
– It’s a tradition to eat an ENORMOUS Dinner upon my arrival in Texas.
– Everything is BIGGER in Texas.
– I enjoy being a tourist in Texas.
– I don’t wish to live there though.
– I can’t live that far away from the Atlantic Ocean.
– Or the Eastern Time Zone for that matter.
– The blogging shall continue from Texas this weekend.
– TOMORROW I’ve got your ‘Friday Night Blogroll Review’.
– Someone will win the ‘Major Bloggie Award’ for this week.
– It’s not too late to post a blog for consideration.
– Go forth and enjoy this day that awaits you.