Friday Night Blogroll Review

THIS is the momentous 80TH edition of the ‘Friday Night Blogroll Review’ !

Alex enjoys ‘Quoting Movies’.

– Little Diego likes to play with little cars.

Kelly and Travis and their rambunctious crew drove 15.5 hours to Louisiana.

Tammy has instituted her own ‘Summer Reading Program’

Was Hitler a Christian ?

Check out this open letter from a normal dude grandmom in Arizona to the U.S. Government that Kevin posted. It’s this week’s ‘Major Bloggie Award‘ winner, and as I read through this rather lengthy letter I just could not stop nodding in total agreement with (the author). We are not alone. We surround them !

THANK YOU for blogging with me. Let’s keep on gettin’ it done !

One thought on “Friday Night Blogroll Review

  1. Yay! Where do I pick my award up at? Or, you can mail it to me. HAHA. JK.

    By the way, I found out that it was actually a women who wrote. A grandma to top it off. I posted a link to the interview with her as well.


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