Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– I got home from work shortly after 3 PM this afternoon.
– That’s nearly 6 hours earlier than yesterday’s ‘get-home’ time.
– That’s right – I didn’t get home from work until nearly 9 PM last night.
– I should actually clarify that a bit.
– Not that I really need to, but because I want to.
– I physically worked (mostly at my desk) from 6 AM to 6 PM.
– After that me and my supervisour took our out-of-town guests to dinner.
– Dinner was at Los Ranchos up at The Falls.
– Los Ranchos can be reached on the web at
– I don’t know about that ‘best steak in Miami’ claim, but it was pretty good.
– I enjoyed the ‘Churrasco Los Ranchos’.
– That’s a 12-ounce juicy and flavourful center-cut charbroiled tenderloin.
– En Español – Jugoso y tierno corte del centro de filete tender.
– I played hooky from Life Group last night.
– Actually it was an excused absence, as I notified Patricia in advance.
– I’ll be back at Life Group next Wednesday night.
– I received my bill in the mail today for the wind insurance for my home.
– $956.10 for 12 months of coverage – up a mere $7 from last year.
– That’s roughly $2.62 per day.
– The check’s in the mail.
– Next up – the other half of my annual homeowner’s insurance premium.
– Last year it was $754.00.
– I’m anxious to see if that only goes up by a mere $7.
– Well those are my ‘Mini Thoughts’ for this Thursday night afternoon.
– Be sure to catch the ‘Disco Party’ tomorrow night here on the polyester blog.
– Tomorrow night’s edition may quack you up.
– Until then keep it real home skillets.
– Say good night Gracie.

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