The Major’s Friday Night Disco Party

We sure knew how to party back in 1976 – the year of our U.S. Bicentennial. We turned 200 on July 04TH of that year, but we didn’t look a day over 175 !

Disco music was still growing up during the Summer of 1976, and 26-year-old Memphis Tennessee Radio Deejay Rick Dees (one of my personal all-time ‘American Idols’) decided that the time was right to gather his ‘Cast Of Idiots’ together in a recording studio and lay down that track all about that ‘Disco Duck’. It went on to become a U.S. # 1 platinum retail and pop radio smash later that year, and the whole nation was quacking up a storm out on the dance floors.

So you think you can dance the duck ?  Give it a shot !

Published by Chris M. Day

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