Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– It’s that time of the week again.
– It’s that time where I post whatever comes across my mind in this moment.
– Brace yourself, as the waters could get rather choppy.
– Today was another hectic day at work, and I loved virtually every minute of it.
– I had very little spare time today, as it was all nonstop action and excitement.
– Tomorrow I’m taking a half a day off.
– I’ve got an appointment with my longtime plumber in the afternoon.
– The’re coming over to replace my kitchen sink garbage disposal.
– It totally stopped working several months ago.
– It lasted for over 10 years.
– They will also bring my non-working guest toilet back to life.
– I’ve had the water shut off to it for most of the past decade or so.
– It used to randomly flush all by itself – day and night.
– It was running up my water bills.
– Whatever it costs I want it fixed so that I can actually use it.
– I’ve been eating a lot of bran muffins lately from Publix.
– That last statement has nothing to do with the need for a second toilet.
– One of these days my home will be so presentable I can invite guests over !
– I’m not quite there yet.
– I need an ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’.
– I’ve lived here in this home for over 14 years – and it looks the part.
– Let me just get this on the official record Your Honour.
– I love cats, as they are God’s Creation.
– Fluffy, Barney, and Boots were part of my life from 1983 to 2007.
– Oh yeah – and that mangy yellow cat that lived under my car at the dorm.
– I’m currently retired indefinitely as a cat owner.
– I have no further plans to own any further cats.
– If I took in every cat that’s been offered to me since Boots died then …
– … my home would look like Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West.
– For a few years Boots was my only real friend in the world.
– Boots was visibly dying a slow death during his last few years with me.
– Boots waited until God rescued and saved me before finally passing on.
– The death of Boots symbolized the death of my previous life.
– God replaced Boots with a new Life for me.
– I now have plenty of actual human being friends – courtesy of God.
– Taking in another cat would be like going in reverse in my Life.
– I remember the past, but I’m not going back to it.
– Well these ‘Mini Thoughts’ suddenly got deeply serious this week.
– I didn’t really mean for that to happen.
– That’s how raw and spontaneous these ‘Mini Thoughts’ can get.
– I warned you.
– Tomorrow night I’m throwing a Disco party here on the blog.
– We’re goin’ to the Copa – Copacabana – the hottest spot north of Havana.
– Grab your leisure suit and let’s go !
– You won’t regret it pal.

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